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Since 2013, KI has been providing PVD finished components where material specifications or performance requirements have exceeded the capabilities of chrome plating. The PVD finish can be applied to plastic or metal substrates.

For applications using plastic materials PVD can be applied to almost any thermoplastic and even thermoset materials. This gives designers more freedom as normal plastic part design limitations can be overcome. Extending material selection possibilities beyond the use of “plateable” resins such as ABS or PC/ABS designers can have the look of chrome on plastic parts that can withstand higher temperatures than ABS based resins/blends.

Finish colors can vary depending on the target materials used. Aluminum, platinum and titanium are common target materials used and each can be combined with other metals/alloys to provide custom finishes.

Graphics can be applied on the PVD surface with superior durability and performance characteristics compared to graphics printed on chrome plating. KI developed a process which enables the PVD finished part to be backlit offering “dead-front” graphics on chrome or brushed Stainless Steel finishes.

PVD Capabilities and Additional Information (PDF – 115KB).