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KI Industries, a trusted supplier of decorative product for over 50 Years.


KI Industries, Inc. is a major source of decorative plastic component products for companies that place a high value on product aesthetics as well as stringent functional and dimensional integrity. With manufacturing facilities in Asia and Mexico our global commitment to productivity improvements and continuous design innovation has made KI an industry leader.

KI was founded in 1964 and since then has become the leading supplier of decorative plastic parts for the appliance and automotive industries. KI has pioneered many technologies that are now widely used in the industry and we continue to develop new processing techniques that enable our customers to bring innovative products to market that make their products unique. We offer a broad range of molding technologies from gas assist, two shot, three shot and insert molding with painting, plating and PVD finish capabilities.

KI manufactures parts in Asia and Mexico allowing for the best combination of logistics and cost effective manufacturing. The requirements of each project are evaluated to determine the optimal location for manufacture.

We combine an experienced, well-trained workforce with the latest technology in a clean, modern and safe work environment to deliver innovative solutions for each customer.

Whatever it takes, KI can finish the job!